A little bit more.

Been M.I.A. I've been stuck at home every single day so I thought what would be the best thing to capture right now if it's not my current situation itself (since I don't get to roam around with my camera anymore. I mean not yet).

So anyway, yeap I guess this picture evokes my "right-now." Tired, but still going on strong, I think. I can't wait to get back to my Canon and update this blog.

(p/s: The pictures on my living room wall are my photography work that I had printed for an assignment last year. Probably one of my best sets ever, but I haven't posted them here. Soon perhaps).

Picture taken by homie. My initial idea was to capture the beautiful light and shadow that were cast through the windows. They lasted for about 5 minutes, only. So I thought - why don't I just be in the moment too :)


Kimmy said...

Nice shot by hour homie ashu. Looks like you have a ciggie in between your fingers! :P

a shu ra said...

Thanks kimballz! Haha trying to look 'cool' or 'posh' with that hand gesture, pretending to have a ciggie in hand. But no I don't smoke :)

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